Vivica Menegaz

Cerified Technician In Whole Food Nutrition 

Hailing from Italy, Vivica was born to know food. Raised in a family of restauranteurs, she discovered her passion for food at an early age. Once in the United States, Vivica began her career as a food photographer. Wanting a deeper understanding of nutrition and holistic health she began her five year tenure with a Doctor of Chiropractic and became a Certified Technician in Whole Food Nutrition. In 2014, Vivica took the leap and started her solo career with the launch of her web-based nutrition practice.


Patty Woods

Content Specialist

Patty, who hails from the Midwest, is a new convert to the nutrition industry. Having worked in the health care industry for over ten years, the transition was a natural one. She doesn't feel complete unless she's created a new daily masterpiece in the kitchen, specializing in keto-paleo cuisine. Patty also enjoys being a content creator, designer and copywriter for small start-up companies.